Mobile Solutions

Increasingly mobile workforces need on demand access they can trust.  That's why

your wireless network is a critical component in keeping your staff working together

and working effectively.


  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Make decisions faster
  • Direct access to critical business resources
  • Tools to work productively any time, anywhere


  • Controlled port access between wireless client, devices, access point & services
  • Integration with most major service providers
  • Clear communication of progress and issues with onsite managers

Integration and Implementation

  • Coordination & setup of new servers, account, and connections
  • Integrate wireless solutions into your current LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Consulting/assistance in creation of policies and procedures for wireless technologies
  • Migrate user applications and data to mobile clients
  • Creation/consultation and deployment of security policies
  • Planning of patches, upgrades, and system rollovers
  • Coordination with multiple providers

Device Management

  • Manage enterprise server communication w/ LAN / WAN
  • Timely support of software issues, patches & upgrades for servers and devices
  • Installation, configurations & management of molie devices
  • Mobile program administration
  • Troubleshooting server-side hardware issues
  • Account administration and management
  • Set end user restrictions & monitor network for unauthorized users
  • Remotely resolve non-hardware problems

Technical Support

  • Personal 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Quickly isolate and resolve mobility specific problems
  • Customized application development
  • Help Desk support
  • Customized troubleshooting documents
  • Resolution of service tickets