Network Administration

Whether building your network from scratch or building upon working systems, we take the hassle and confusion out of Network Administration by providing seamless installations, individual device configurations, and on-going maintenance of patches, virus protection, and other security issues.

Qualified, certified MCA technicians provide consultation and recommendations from setting standards to implementing your entire Enterprise Architecture solution. Trained personnel then remain on your side to monitor networks and keep your system functioning at key capacity. 

Integration & Implementation
  • Logical network design diagramming & construction
  • Coordination setup of new servers, accounts and connections
  • Integration of solutions into your current LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Migration of user applications and data to new systems
  • Installation of software on servers and individual system components

System Management
  • Installation, configuration & management of system software, hardware and peripherals
  • Timely support of software issues
  • Patches & upgrades for servers and peripherals
  • Troubleshooting server-side hardware and software issues
  • Remote resolution of non-hardware problems

User Management
  • Account administration, management & traffic monitoring
  • Implementation & monitoring of remote access capabilities

  • Creation/consultation and deployment of security policies
  • Server and device anti-virus software monitoring
  • Firewall recommendation, configuration, & management

Technical Support
  • Help Desk support & personal 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Quick isolation and resolution of specific user problems
  • Customized application development
  • Customized troubleshooting documents


Sophisticated technology that allows timely connection with your customers is essential to grow your business.  Unfortunately, with increased accesability and exposure, comes increased vulnerabilities.  Mckenzie Christoper Associates' security evaluation, implementation and monitoring services protect your systems from unwanted users and network threats.

MCA works to protect and ensure a secure, fully-functional network. Our cost-effective range of security services keeps all of your users secure and prevents non compliant systems from infecting your infrastructure.

Let MCA work for you

  • Provide assessment services, optimization tools and improvement capabilities
  • Configure secure wireless, and PDA connections to ensure compliance
  • Coordination & setup of new servers, accounts and connections
  • Determine & manage network vulnerabilities and establish strengths
  • Establish permissions, restrictions, and backup  recovery plans


  • Network Monitoring
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Anti-virus software installation
  • Application Security
  • Rescue/backup disk service
  • Accessibility control services
  • Workstation/PDA security
  • setup of new servers, accounts, and connections. Determine & manage network vulnerabilities and establish strengths. Establish permissions, restrictions, and backup & recovery plans