what we seek

MCA strategically looks to hire candidates with outstanding capabilities and great potential in several areas. Every area is critical to the success of the candidate and their imppact on the firm and our clients.

Resolution MCA places high value on employee moral by maintaining an employee focused culture. The culture of MCA enables its employees to grow both as a professional and as an individual. Employees are expected to experience a challenging career and eventful personal life. Company executives listen closely to employee needs and strive to create a work experience that goes beyond their expectations.

Achievement MCA employees strive to deliver definitive and long-lasting impact. This can be seen in the exemplary service provided to clients and is recognized in the commitment toward excellence in the quality of work in which they are engaged. This requires determination, judgement and tremendous energy.

Communication  MCA employees work closely with a wide range of client staff, whether it is chief officers or field support. This requires strong communication skills. MCA employees are required to communicate effectively and build trustworthy relationships with clients.

Leadership  MCA employees must have an honest understanding of who they are, what they know, and what they can do. This is imperative to exhibiting traits of leadership. These traits have a tremendous impact on teamwork as well as being part of and leading a team, which is critical to success with MCA.

Diversity and Collaboration  MCA employees are well rounded individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a result, employees bring a variety of perspectives to the work they do. Every employee desires to work with others that challenge the norm but are also fun to work with. MCA clients truly value our mix of talent, skill, and character.

welcome to MCA careers

If you're looking forward to building an exceptional career, look to Mckenzie Christopher Associates, Inc. You'll discover we offer a great work environment, challenging work, and the opportunity to work with some of the brightest folks in the industry. Therefore, if you're looking for that place - we look forward to meeting with you.

An identifiable theme found throughout Mckenzie Christopher Associates is a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work we perform for our clients. We combine talent and experience with client needs to develop cutting edge services, tools and technologies that positively impact their organization. Regardless if the work is developing collaboration tools, preventing cyber threats or designing web-based applications, MCA offers the opportunity for you to do work that is creative, often challenging, and certainly rewarding.

In addition, applicants don't need a decade of experience to come on board. MCA wants bright employees regardless of experience. Our focus is on recent grads as well as students pursuing a degree.

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